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Saturday, April 23, 2016

WiFi Data transfer

   Wifi Data Transfer- screenshot   WiFi Data transfer app allows you to connect your android device to your computer through WiFi. After connecting, you can wirelessly transfer data from your android phone to your PC or from PC to android phone. This works on FTP connect mechanism for file transfer. You can make use of any FTP client such as Filezilla to seamlessly connect to your mobile device.
This is the best app to share files between your phone and PC. You can transfer different files types such as images, videos, audios, text files, APKs over the wireless network. Uploading and Downloading files over WiFi becomes really easy with this simple data transfer app. This data transfer app has a very user friendly interface to seamlessly transfer data from your phone or tablet to your PC or vice versa.
• Upload or download multiple files at once
• Create an FTP Server
• Enable password authentication
• Runs as a background service
• Works while the device is in hotspot mode
• Connect your phone and PC with the same WiFi Network
• Run the Wifi data sharing app and click the Wifi button to turn on FTP connection and look for IP Address
• Open My Computer and enter the IP Address in the URL bar and press Enter
• Look for username & password on the app and enter in the prompted text boxes
Let’s Enjoy the easy connectivity, communication and Data sharing through WiFi Data Sharing app. Please rate the app if you like it. Also, share it among your friends. If you have any suggestions to make the app better, do write to us.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Color Climb Infinity

  Color Climb Infinity- screenshot thumbnail
  Install Color Climb Infinity on your device for FREE now and play the trendiest arcade game on the Playstore! The objective of Color Climb Infinity game is to move a little color ball as far as possible and avoid obstacles in its way. The twist is you have to avoid touching the wrong color or your game will end. We call this color switching game Color Climb Infinity because this is an endless game so you can play this game as long as you can and achieve the highest score possible. 

 gameplay of this color game is pretty simple. Tap to guide your little color ball to move ahead, wait, and to rush through obstacles. Avoid touching the wrong color or you need to start all over again. There are times where your little color ball will change colors. There is no time limit to this game meaning you can wait as long as you want until you are confident you can move forward without dying. However, you cannot save your game so it is crucial that you concentrate all the while playing this challenging but fun color game free. 
Timing is everything and so is your hand eye coordination. Above everything, you need patience. There is definitely a learning curve in mastering this awesome and addictive color switch game. Don’t expect to achieve high score in the first few tries. The gameplay and obstacles are set up to be easy yet tricky at the same time. So you need to practice guiding the little balls through the spinning colors and triangle colors a couple of times before you really get the hang of it. 
Color Climb Infinity TOP features:
- FREE to download and play. No need to spend a dime to enjoy playing the coolest arcade color game in Playstore. 
- Simple to play but tricky to master. Like all arcade games, this color ball game has a very simple gameplay. However, mastering this color arcade game is a different issue altogether. Only the most persistent and skilful gamer can get high scores.
- Appropriate for all ages. Everyone from kids to adults can play this color game free. 
- Various obstacles. We design variety of obstacles to test your gaming skill and strategy. Can you beat all of these obstacles?
- Infinite play. There is no limit how far ahead you can go and how many scores you can collect in this color switcher game. 
- Competitive game. 
This color arcade game has made a lot of people frustrated but they don’t understand how to achieve the best score possible. Game is supposed to be fun! There’s no need to be annoyed because you don’t do as well as you hope. Remember the classic flappy games? Flappy games are extremely addictive because they need time to figure it out. After you know this color game tricks, it only takes practice, strategy, and hand eye coordination to achieve the highest score possible. 
Here are tips and tricks that will help you playing Color Climb Infinity: 
• Practice makes perfect. Try this action color switcher game again and again. Train your hands to tap at the right time. 
• Study the pattern. The obstacles move in certain way. Don’t rush until you figure out the timing of the spinning circles and triangles and know that you can make it as you guide the color ball forward.
• Time yourself carefully. Know when to quickly rush and when to hold back your color ball movement.
Share this coolest and trendiest color climbing game with your friends! Invite your friends to play this cool color games. You will gain many useful tips and tricks to successfully play this color ball game by discussing it with your friends. You can watch how your friends play and learn from them. By competing with each other, you’ll also be motivated to do your best. 
Color Climb Infinity is developed for you for free by (mzabsoft). We strive to continuously improve our user’s gaming experience. Please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback via email to ( so we know what to fix and how to improve our app.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Advanced Battery Saver

Advanced Battery Saver application gives the best components to spares the battery time of your telephone or your of favorite battery saver Android apps. At whatever point battery runs low or goes a lot down then simply tap the one-touch to switche on the saving mode.
The principle highlight of the battery sparing mode are as per the following:
- Turn On/Off the Wifi
- Switching On/Off the Mobile Data
- Switch On/Off the bluetooth
- Turn On/Off the GPS
- Switching On/Off the Airplane Mode
- Managing the shine of the phone and tablet
- Managing the screen timeout of the phone and tablet
- Specially gives notice when your phone or tablet battery goes down
- The cool down component works by deliberately checking, overseeing, and impairing CPU-serious applications so
as to diminish telephone temperature to a sheltered level and secure your equipment.
- Status and Switcher Widgets (Different styles of gadgets that permit you to turn ON the application with single tap.
(Simple and Faster to utilize!)
- Free to utilize.
- Monitor battery stats and usage
Advanced Battery Saver is easy to use. It's unquestionably one of the best battery saver Android applications out

Benny jump

Join one of the free and best-rated action adventure and help the little benny to overcome obstacles.
perpetually jumping from one platform to the next, avoiding obstacles And be warned: this game is insanely addictive! and funny.
you can choose from three difficulty - easy -medium -Hard.
good luck.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

File managers are an essential part of any operating system. Whether you search for files in your android phone or tablet, or add a folder or simply delete items you no longer need to make more space. To meet this need, there is a lot of files and our application manager is among the best for several reasons:
 - The application supports multiple languages such as Chinese Arabic French ... .etc.
- It allows the creation and deletion of directories.
- Adding and modifying text.
- Compressing and extracting files.
- The sharing of files and images.
- And many more that you can discover yourself.


 Car Solution App helps you find solutions to your car issues by displaying the nearest car problem solver.
It also details the address, position with map-view, reviews and rate about that car dealer, gas station, wash house, rental etc .
This application is helpful for you at your point of need with your vehicle.
Helps you save your time in creating an app for yours or your client.
-Map viewer for: Gas station, garage, car dealers, car rental services, car wash.
-Reviews and ratings for the said dealers.
-Location Address and contact details of the specific dealers.

Lite Audio Player

Lite Audio PlayerThis application is audio player for android devices.
Browser and play audio by tracks,albums,artists, playlists.
Delete track, set track as ringtone.
Create, delete playlist.
Random, shuffle track.
Play in background.  LINK